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ته ښه راغلاست Tianjin Hengji فولادو Co.، Ltd.

Tianjin youxiang trading Co., Ltd., founded in July 2014. Companies rely on the unique location advantage of Tianjin Binhai New Area, and the city government quality related support policies, and actively engaged in iron and steel related products of domestic trade, the export business.

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    د فولادو پایپ محصولات نږدې 17 کاله مسلکي جوړونکي. زموږ فابريکه په Tianjin کې پروت دی.
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    زموږ د فابريکې کرل يو غوره ISO9001 لري: د 2000 د عالي کیفیت، بې لګښته تولیداتو تصدیق جوړونکي.
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