Zhang Xiaogang is talking about the development of international standardization and “made in China”.

Recently, at the annual conference of the 2018 CITIC microalloying technology center in Beijing and the CITIC -CBMM R&D project report, Zhang Xiaogang, the former chairman of the international organization for Standardization (ISO), made a report entitled “the development of international standardization and” made in China “”, and won the warm applause of the representatives of the participants. Zhang Xiaogang pointed out that as China’s economy shifted from high growth stage to high quality development stage, innovation became the key to the survival and development of “made in China”, and became an important guarantee for enterprises to improve their competitive strength. However, innovation also needs to be measured by a standard, and it is necessary to ensure the enterprise’s innovation through standardization system. Therefore, actively participating in international standardization activities is the only way to improve the quality of products and promote the transformation of “China made” to the role of “China standard” and to innovate the mode of national governance.

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Post time: May-29-2018
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