We need to prevent enterprises from violating illegal risks under the stimulation of high profits.

The team stressed that Guangdong province is the country’s steel net inflow area, especially in recent years with the development of the Great Bay area, steel demand, especially the demand for screw steel, has increased greatly. Since last year, the price of Guangdong District screw steel is more than 200 yuan / ton higher than the national average price. Under the high profit stimulation, the impulse of new production capacity and the reignition of “ground steel” will naturally be higher than that of other areas. In order to further improve the preventive work, the spot checks team put forward 4 suggestions:

First, we should further improve the understanding of the mind. We should fully understand the importance, complexity and arduous nature of the “ground bar steel” to prevent the new production of new capacity, and continue to put the overcapacity in excess capacity in a prominent position, conscientiously implement the regulations of the state iron and steel industry to dissolve excess capacity, eliminate the “strip steel” and eliminate backward production capacity, and to compact responsibility. No fluke and no flexibility.

The two is to further strengthen the supervision. It is necessary to maintain the high pressure situation, carry out the territorial responsibility and main responsibility, carry out the law enforcement inspection in many departments of the joint industry management, power supply and environmental protection, and realize the normalization of supervision. It is more important to guard against the new production capacity of the enterprises, to find out the capacity base of the electric furnace in the whole province, to guard against the problem of technical reform and expansion of the existing compliance electric furnaces, to strictly implement the replacement of the capacity reduction and to do a good job in the implementation supervision of the capacity replacement scheme according to the relevant regulations, and to prevent the “edge ball” of the enterprises to play the policy. Capacity.

The three is to further strengthen the related industry supervision. In casting and other related industries, the use of intermediate frequency furnaces is permitted. Enterprises should be prevented from producing “ground bar steel” in the name of casting and evading supervision. It is suggested that effective measures be taken for these enterprises.

Four is to verify the report on the verification. It is suggested that Guangdong province to Jieyang city Guangdong taid iron and Steel Industry Co., Ltd. is to be reported serious problems related to illegal new capacity, timely rectification, the timely rectification, the relevant information to the inter Ministerial Conference Office.

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Post time: Jun-26-2018
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