Tianjin further promotes the work of iron and steel special action

Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Security Administration Bureau has taken effective measures to further promote the special action work of the iron and steel industry in Tianjin in accordance with the requirements of the emergency management department’s “report on the investigation of the special action work on the hidden dangers of major production safety accidents in Jiangxi iron and steel enterprises.” in combination with the actual situation in Tianjin, it takes effective measures to further promote the special action of the iron and steel industry in Tianjin.

First, we should strengthen understanding and draw lessons from experience. In 2018, Shougang water and steel accidents and Shaoguan iron and steel accidents continued to sounded the alarm for safety production. The Tianjin Municipal Security Supervision Bureau should fully recognize the importance, severity and urgency of the iron and steel special action, and strictly supervise and urge iron and steel enterprises in the jurisdiction to complete the rectification of hidden dangers in the prescribed time limit, eliminate major hidden dangers and improve the level of production safety in an all-round way.

The two is to improve the major hidden dangers. At present, the safety foundation of Tianjin iron and steel enterprises is still relatively weak, and the major hidden danger is mainly concentrated on 3 aspects of safety management, molten metal and gas. The Security Supervision Bureau of each district should go to the law enforcement documents one by one for the safety hidden danger found in the inspection process of the Tianjin Security Supervision Bureau. The person is responsible for the accountability.

Three is the sample and treatment, improve the safety system. In Tianjin, the Safety Supervision Bureau of all areas should continue to focus on the requirements of self-examination, hire industry experts to further focus on the situation of self-examination of enterprises, stare at the rectification of major hidden dangers, stare at the safety management system to establish the implementation situation, and urge them to formulate the major hidden danger rectification plans in time, and do the rectification responsibility, measures, funds, time limits, and plans. “Five implementation”. The head of the enterprise, the District Safety Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Security Supervision Bureau and the inspection team of the emergency management department will sign to confirm whether the major hidden dangers are all rectified and corrected, and will be reported to the emergency management department for record. When the special action is found, the whole city will be criticized and the responsibility of the whole city will be seriously criticized.

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Post time: Jun-14-2018
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