The national bureau of statistics (NBS) has again responded to questions about industrial corporate profit data: the number of industrial companies that are regulated has fallen

Bureau of statistics, said the number due to the change of enterprise management state is always in change, there are new, cancellation, merge, and larger players into the statistical threshold of 20 million yuan, there are also smaller exit threshold of 20 million yuan. As a result, the number of firms counted by industry is changing. Over the past year, the number of regulated industrial enterprises has declined for a variety of reasons. According to data from relevant departments, the total profits of state-owned enterprises in the january-may period increased by 20.9% year on year, while the net profits of a-share non-financial enterprises increased by 23.6% in the first quarter. The growth in industrial profits is in line with these figures and the trend is consistent.

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Post time: Jul-06-2018
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