Steel enterprises in Western China should increase energy conservation and environmental protection

“Western iron and steel enterprises should further increase energy conservation and environmental protection efforts, implement the concept of green development, and shoulder their due social responsibilities.” On ~15 June 14th, in Leshan, Leshan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Gansu, Gansu, Gansu Province, construction steel enterprise Summit Forum and the fourth session of the first experience technology exchange, the first chairman of the forum and the chairman of Shaanxi Steel Group, Yang Haifeng, pointed out.

The forum is held by the Sichuan De Sheng group, including the Forum meeting, the exchange meeting of the senior leaders of Emei thesis, the supply and sale exchange, the exchange of production technology, and the salon exchange. The meeting was chaired by Zhou Ping, chairman of Vanadium Titanium Co., Ltd., Sichuan Desheng group. China Iron and Steel Industry Association, metallurgical industry planning research institute, metallurgical industry information standard research institute and Shaanxi, Jin, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Qing, Chongqing and other areas of Shaanxi steel, Germany, Li Heng, wine steel, Panzhihua steel, Jianbang, Jianbang, high sense, Ningbo Steel, Hongda, HTC, Hua Xinyuan, Sichuan Wei, Da steel and other enterprises A total of more than 170 people from the relevant upstream and downstream industry service providers and the friendship Business Association participated in the forum.

At the meeting, Song Dean, chairman of the fourth session of the forum and chairman of the directorate Bureau of the Desheng group, made a welcome speech. Deputy general manager Xu Yu, on behalf of the director general, carried out a summary analysis of the 13 governing units, and the governing units of Shanxi Li Heng, Shanxi Jian bang, Shanxi Steel Group and Sichuan Wei group were carried out on advanced production technology and management experience respectively. An exchange of speeches.

In his speech, Yang Haifeng, chairman of the first forum of the forum and the chairman of the Shaanxi Steel Group, pointed out that since 2015, the forum has set up a forum for the establishment of a forum organized by 18 enterprises of steel and enterprises, and has successfully held 3 sessions since the joint launch of the Forum. Through the annual forum, the West steel enterprises have gradually formed a good competition pattern. We hope that you will continue to work together to demonstrate solidarity.

Facing the opportunities and challenges of the new era, Yang Haifeng called on the participating enterprises to work well in the following aspects: one is to practice the concept of green development and take due social responsibility; two is to base on the new market normal and maintain a new market order; three is to explore new modes of cooperation, conform to the new trend of industry, and four is to pay close attention to the new trends of the industry and accumulate The five is to give full play to the synergy advantage and realize the soft combination of industry optimization; the six is to rely on innovation drive to promote intelligent manufacturing.

In the keynote link, the vice president of the Steel Association, chairman of the chairman of the construction dragon group Zhang Zhixiang, the vice president of the Steel Association, Li Xinchuang of the Metallurgical Industry Planning Institute, and Wang Yingsheng, Deputy Secretary General of the Steel Association, and Feng Chao, vice president of the metallurgical industry Information Standard Research Institute, and other guests around how to maintain the stable operation of the steel market and the trend of China’s steel development in the new era The theme of development trend of building steel is discussed professionally.

Then the “exchange of supply and sale”, “exchange of production technology”, “salon exchange” was carried out at the same time in different venues. The directors of steel enterprises, such as Shangang, Panzhihua steel, Germany, Chuan Wei, Da steel, Jiuquan Steel, high sense, Li Heng, Ning steel, heavy steel, Jianbang, Jianlong and other directors of steel enterprises, have combined with the main energy consumption. Systematic exchanges were conducted in terms of standards, production cost management, energy conservation, environmental protection, technological innovation, logistics management and control. Delegates are open to each other and learn from each other. The delegates said that it was meaningful to make full use of limited time and to make unlimited communication as far as possible. It also reflected the idea of holding forums to strengthen exchanges and cooperation more than competition. It also helped to further promote the stability of the market in the region.

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Post time: Jun-20-2018
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