Shanghai cooperated with baowu to promote the overall transformation and upgrading of the wusong region

On July 4, the Shanghai municipal government and China baowu steel group signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in Shanghai to promote the overall transformation and upgrading of the wusong region.

Ying yong, vice secretary and mayor of Shanghai municipal committee, Chen delong, secretary and chairman of baowu party committee, zhou bo, standing committee member and executive vice mayor of Shanghai municipal committee attended the signing ceremony. Shi guanghui, vice mayor of Shanghai, and hu wangming, deputy general manager of baowu, signed the contract on behalf of both parties. Member of the standing committee of baowu party committee of China, secretary of the party committee and chairman of baosteel dai zhihao attended the signing ceremony.

In discussion, yong, said treasure force to carry out a new round of cooperation with China, jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of wusong district, make the function of the form in line with the new development concept, to facilitate high quality development of Shanghai economy, and conducive to the development of Chinese treasure force transformation, mutual benefit and win-win results. Shanghai will strive to create a better development environment and provide better services for all kinds of enterprises, including baowu of China.

De-rong Chen said that China’s treasure Wu Zheng transformation of facing a new round of development opportunities, and strive to achieve from manufacturing to service, from steel to materials, from China to global change, become the industry leader and a world-class enterprise group, the Shanghai construction “five centers” (international economic, financial, trade, shipping, science and technology innovation center) and excellent global height of the city’s development is closely linked. With the help of Shanghai’s talents and environment, China’s baowu will make greater contribution to Shanghai’s quality development.

According to the agreement, treasure of Shanghai and China military commanders, according to the principle of “unified planning, cooperation, development”, the wusong district as an important carrier of the implementation of the national strategy, improve industrial concentration and clearer defect display, efforts to forge a high quality development in Shanghai will be the region of the demonstration zone, economic transformation and upgrading of the demonstration zone, remarkable urban construction demonstration area. Wusong district, Shanghai municipal government will strengthen the transformation and upgrading of policy support, China treasure blow to actively do a good job in industrial structure adjustment is as soon as possible establish cooperation development mechanism and begin the transformation of regional development.

Both sides will actively implement the spirit of the national convention on ecological and environmental protection. Chinese treasure blow to ensure to complete the Shanghai government issued and total amount control of coal for energy conservation and emissions reduction targets, construction become adapted to international city resources environment requirements, the world’s most competitive iron and steel enterprises. Since 2012, China bao wu in Shanghai to reduce ironmaking production capacity of 5.93 million tons of steel production capacity of 7.5 million tons, reduce the energy consumption of 4.71 million tons of standard coal, sulfur dioxide, 2054 tons, 296 tons of chemical oxygen demand (cod), overfulfilled established iron and steel industry structure adjustment plan.

According to development plan, China treasure military commanders on the basis of green boutique wisdom of iron and steel industry, new materials, modern trade logistics, service industry, urban services, financial and other related industry coordinated development, build a number of levels one hundred billion yuan revenue, ten billion yuan profit level pillar industry and a group of ten billion yuan of business revenue of one billion yuan, profit level.

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Post time: Jul-10-2018
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