More and more policies have been introduced to push forward the iron and steel production capacity

n May 11th, with the approval of the Anhui provincial government, Anhui province eliminated the backward production capacity office and issued a work plan for the backward production capacity in 2018.
The project has made clear the key task of 2018 in the aspects of energy consumption, environmental protection, quality, safety, technology and capacity withdrawal. It has been developed from 7 aspects, such as the implementation of the price policy, the strengthening of the fund support, the implementation of the differential credit policy, the job placement, the reactivation of the land resources, the strict law enforcement supervision and the increase of technical support. Measures。 The plan requires that before the end of December 2018, the people’s governments of all cities of Anhui and the relevant departments of the province should report the enterprises, equipment and production capacity of key industries, such as steel, cement and flat glass, in time, and announce them on the provincial authorities’ website and accept social supervision. The relevant functional departments of Anhui will regularly publish the list of enterprises (“yellow card”) that do not meet the deadline and rectify and rectify, and the list of enterprises (“red cards”) that have been closed after the rectification is still not met.

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Post time: Jun-01-2018
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