Mass production of super wide automobile thin steel plates in Benxi Iron and Steel Group

“The 2100 millimeter ultra wide plate produced by Benxi steel can be stamped at one time, reducing the cutting and laser welding and so on. It not only satisfies the quality requirements of the automobile outer plate, but also reduces the production cost for us. At present, our new type of outer panel is made of Benxi steel wide plate. In July 9th, the China Metallurgical Daily reporter learned that a well-known domestic commercial vehicle manufacturer responded to the news from Benxi steel. Up to now, the three cold rolling process of the cold rolling mill of Benxi steel sheet is 2100 mm wide and thin to 0.8 mm ~ 1 mm. The ultra-wide and ultra deep blanking cold rolled sheet steel plate has been produced, which has been produced in 1650 tons.

Ultra wide, ultra deep drawing cold rolled steel plate is mainly used for large cover parts such as side wall and top cover of automobile. The product has the unique characteristics of wide plate surface, thin thickness and soft steel. It is convenient for automobile users to manufacture and manufacture. However, these properties have put forward higher requirements for the steelmaking enterprises to return the production process. A little inadvertent, in the production process, it is very easy to run off, scrape the edge of the furnace and beat the grain, and so on. It has always been a difficult problem in the production of steel and steel industry at home and abroad.

Benxi Steel Group made full use of the advantages of the world’s largest 2300 millimeter production line and the cold rolling mill three cold rolling process 2150 unit of the sheet hot rolling mill, and concentrated on the development of this limit specification product, and achieved success. In the first 5 months of this year, after the stable supply of 0.8 mm x 2100 mm wide deep drawing cold rolled cold rolled car plates, Benxi Steel realized more than 4 million tons of more than 1850 millimeter wide plate products supplied by more than 1850 millimeters, and more than 2500 tons of thin and wide plate products of more than 2000 millimeters more than 2500 tons. A win-win situation.

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Post time: Jul-12-2018
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