HE Steel: let green become the label of high quality steel development

The nineteen report clearly points out that “the modernization of our construction is the modernization of the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature, not only to create more material wealth and spiritual wealth to meet the growing needs of the people, but also to provide more quality ecological products to meet the growing needs of the beautiful ecological environment of the people.” In the new era, the new concept of ecological civilization construction and green development is being deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The construction of beautiful China has put forward higher requirements for the green development of the steel industry. With a high sense of mission and responsibility, River steel puts environmental management and green manufacturing first. It is driven by innovation, speeds up the quality change of green development, efficiency change and dynamic change, and speeds up the construction of the most competitive iron and steel enterprises.
We will continue to promote the green manufacturing system with high technology content, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution. Green development, let the river steel wave the times of the number and scale of the main, to more focus on the quality of products, “customized production” to meet “personalized needs”, from the supply of steel products to provide steel materials solutions and comprehensive services, product structure and clients to the higher end. During the “13th Five-Year”, River steel continued to promote the national major science and technology special research, in the “multi process and multi pollution control technology” in the iron and steel industry, “the key technology of the whole process control coupling in the iron and steel industry, the key technology of the whole process control of the iron and steel industry”, realized major innovations and breakthroughs, and grabbed the commanding height of the new round of competition. Taking the national major project as an opportunity to give full play to the role of the “global technology research and development platform”, gather the top research and development institutions and leading enterprises in many fields, promote the application of new technology and new technology, accelerate a batch of major scientific and technological innovation in the fields of new materials research and development, green production, and intelligent manufacturing. The “hatching” of new achievements will lead to green manufacturing and energy saving and environmental protection technologies.
Continue to focus on “market” and “product”, and continue to exert efforts in customer structure and product mix optimization. In 2018, River steel, with its deep integration into the customer and the extended industrial chain, will continue to strengthen the allocation of innovative resources, achieve seamless docking with the high-end customers, enhance the competitive strength and customer service capability of the products, and further lead the downstream by providing a high-performance, green steel material solution. The green transformation of the steel industry. Promote the construction of regional cooperation research center in developed areas, build a “frontier command post” to open up the middle and high-end market in China. Through EVI service, Co Construction Research and development center, capital cooperation and other ways, the industrial chain is extended to high-end manufacturing enterprises, such as automobile, household electrical appliances, marine engineering and so on to realize customer structure and product structure. Into the high-end “high-end cycle”. At the end of 13th Five-Year, the proportion of steel variety with high added value and high technology content will increase to more than 70%.
Not only that, River steel will also be built around Beijing Tianjin Hebei ecological environment support area, relying on the green development brand effect, introducing social capital, cultivating and developing the environmental management industry, and making important contributions to further improve the regional ecological environment.

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Post time: Jun-06-2018
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