Hardware is the foundation, innovation is the core

In order to enhance the innovation ability and improve the innovation level, jinan steel has also taken many effective measures.

In terms of investment, the proportion of funds spent on research and development of jinan iron and steel group is kept at 2.5% to 4% each year. Based on 20 billion yuan of sales revenue, the r&d cost is at least 500 million yuan per year. At the same time, jinan set up specialized technical, professional and technical backbone, technicians team ladder type technology such as power, set up a technological achievement, innovation, new product development and quality prize, stimulate innovation, talent team, improve the income of intellectuals.

In addition, the use of external forces, jinan built many collaborative innovation platform, successively in steel metal products and iron and steel research institute, research institute, Beijing university of science and technology, northeastern university, such as more than domestic scientific research institutes and universities for technical cooperation, build the system integrity of high-end research and development of new materials with special steel platform. In order to create better living and working conditions for the imported domestic and foreign experts, jinan steel has also built an expert building of 8,000 square meters. In may this year, jinan in henan province sponsored by the high performance special steel material innovation alliance, is the domestic famous universities, research institutes, high-end equipment parts manufacturers and application of the unit.

“In recent years, jinan iron & steel has developed more than 300 kinds of superior steel products. Last year alone, it passed the two-party certification of more than 100 enterprises, including er qi and caterpillar.” Du yuzhu, assistant to the general manager of jinan iron & steel co., LTD. At present, jinan steel has become one of the few domestic specializable rods and wire special steel enterprises that can be fully covered by the 5.5mm ~ chec300mm specification.

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Post time: Jun-19-2018
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