China’s steel industry has formed a consensus on achieving high quality development.

“Most iron and steel enterprises have a more specific and deeper understanding of high quality development.” Chi Jingdong believes that “from the concept of development, we have basically formed a consensus that the road of high quality development must be taken, which is the premise to promote the realization of high quality development.”
In the last few years, we have also made articles and brains in scale expansion. In recent years, in particular, the industrial losses in 2015 and the huge changes brought about by the structural reform of the supply side since 2016 and 2017 have made people experience and understand the significance of accelerating the transformation of the way of development and the importance of promoting the development of high quality.

Chi Jingdong pointed out that, over the years, the iron and steel industry has been crowned as “two high and one capital”, “two high and one left” big hat, in many aspects is unfair, unfair and even discriminatory, prohibitive treatment. To some extent, this also forces us to re examine and think about the development of the steel industry.
“Iron and steel manufacturing as a typical process manufacturing industry, the basic feature is to use coal, iron ore and other energy resources to produce. Up to now, there is no sufficient and economical clean energy or resources to completely replace existing coal and iron ore to produce iron and steel. He stressed that “iron and steel manufacturing used a large number of raw fuels, such as coal and iron ore containing pollutants, and will inevitably produce pollutants, but the iron and steel industry is able to build a low-carbon green industry with economic society and urban development through the continuous progress of technology.”
“Steel as the basic raw material necessary for the national economy and downstream users, there is not a complete replacement of energy, resources, or other materials that are lower than steel consumption.” Chi Jingdong further stressed that “iron and steel industry will continue to be an irreplaceable basic material industry for economic and social development.” As the backbone of the Republic, the steel industry not only provides steel materials for downstream users and national defense military workers, but also promotes economic development and social employment. In the new stage of China’s economic development, it can still be an indispensable supporting industry for the development of the national economy. “

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Post time: May-23-2018
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