Be a steel fighter for the blue sky

One China, one blue sky.

This week is the national energy saving promotion week, the theme is “saving energy, reducing consumption and protecting blue sky”.

Recently, xi jinping, general secretary at the national ecological environment protection convention stressed: “resolutely fight the sky battle is a top priority, with air quality improved significantly for the rigid requirements, strengthen the defense from spreading, basically eliminated heavy pollution weather, people also blue sky white clouds, the stars twinkle.”

The bugle for the blue sky sounded again. The steel industry is working hard to save energy, reduce emissions, develop green, and win the blue sky defense war.

Why is it so urgent to protect the blue sky? Entering the new era, major social contradictions in China have undergone fundamental changes. “Blue sky, white clouds, stars twinkle” has become one of the most important needs of people’s growing good life. People are more looking forward to living in China, where the sky is blue, the earth is green and the water is clear.

Accordingly, people’s expectations of the steel industry have also undergone a fundamental change. The era of lack of steel and less iron has passed, and people are more expecting the steel industry to protect the blue sky by vigorously building “resource-saving and environment-friendly” enterprises.

The needs of the people are the direction and goal of the action of steel enterprises. Green development entered the new era, the iron and steel industry has made great progress, it has been 28 by miit named green plant, iron and steel enterprise carbon emissions targets for optimization, relevant based data parameter to the systemic and effective management… Facing the future, we will continue to vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, develop a circular economy and a green economy, and stay ahead of the green development.

First, we should spare no effort to deepen supply-side structural reform. Could continue deepening the reform of promoting structural supply side, especially from those in such aspects as environmental protection, energy consumption, quality and technology can not meet the requirements of production, is the origin of steel companies win battle blue sky. Only by firmly banning and eliminating backward production capacity and excess production capacity can we save energy at the source, reduce pollution emissions and create good economic and environmental benefits.

Secondly, we should explore innovative management mode. To win the blue sky defense war, it is necessary for managers to keep the concepts of energy conservation, emission reduction and green development in mind, and actively explore the way of harmonious development of integrating industry and cities and integrating with the surrounding environment. Enterprises can strengthen publicity, set up public open days, regularly release emission monitoring data, accept social supervision, and establish an image of ecological steel mills among the public.

Third, we should make great efforts to promote energy-saving and emission reduction technologies. Developing effective new technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction is the most important way to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. Since the “twelfth five-year”, represented by dry quenching, dry dust removal and desulphurization of sintering of energy conservation and emissions reduction technology has been widely used in industry, a series of new technologies to make important progress was made in energy conservation and emissions reduction of iron and steel. Recent shougang lang jersey, for example, the company built the world’s first set of 45000 tons/year industrial tail gas fermentation legal commercial device clean energy, converting industrial tail gas by biotechnology to clean energy; Ansteel invested a large sum of money to carry out the project transformation, becoming the first steel and steel joint enterprise in China to realize the whole process of dry flue gas control, realizing the picture of no flue gas emission seen only in the chimney In the future, iron and steel industry to further implement the green upgrade, through the research and development of independent innovation technology, eliminate, the backward process equipment, establishing pollutant discharge online monitoring system and other measures, actively promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction to a new level, provide technical support for energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Finally, should guide the worker to fulfill environmental protection responsibility consciously. Energy saving and emission reduction, protecting blue sky is not only the business of enterprises, but also the business of every employee. “6 · 5″ environment day this year, five departments jointly issued the “citizens’ ecological environment behaviour (trial)”, include to save energy resources, such as low carbon travel ten norms, for citizens to ecological environment responsibility requirements, issued a call for is proposed. Under the guidance of green, low-carbon and energy-saving concepts, steel enterprises should guide their employees. On the one hand, they should base on their positions to save energy and reduce consumption, and contribute wisdom and strength to the energy conservation, emission reduction and green development of steel enterprises. On the other hand, we should restrain ourselves with the sense of mission and responsibility of the ironman and strive to be a defender of the blue sky and a builder of beautiful China.

With people’s new expectations, iron and steel industry to do win battle blue sky fighter, both for the people to provide excellent products, more green support for the people a better life.

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Post time: Jun-15-2018
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