40 years of reform and opening up the number of steel: crude steel production

In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s steel industry has achieved great leap forward development, which has strongly supported the rapid development of the national economy and the transformation and development of the downstream users, and has achieved remarkable achievements in the world.

China’s crude steel output has exceeded 8 billion tons in 2014, and has remained at the scale of more than 8 million tons so far, occupying half of the annual output of crude steel in the world. China’s steel industry technology and technology equipment have become the world’s first class level, the garden green environmental protection steel plant completely subverts the iron and steel “silly, big, black, thick” image, and realizes the harmonious development with the city and the environment. Most of the steel varieties have more than 100%, especially the aircraft carrier deck steel and the ball flat steel. A batch of high – speed steel products such as high speed rail, high speed wheel and third generation of automobile steel have broken the foreign monopoly, which occupy the high point of high end steel. To this end, China Metallurgical newspaper and China Iron and Steel News Network launched the “40 years of reform and opening up the number of iron and steel” column, through the 1978 and 2017 major data comparison, to show the great changes and achievements made in the steel industry in China in the past 40 years.

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Post time: Jun-25-2018
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